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Forum rules
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Rules for PKS Studios forums

1. General

Forum rules is the most important document. Read it carefully, before using the forums.

2. Ignorance of rules

Anyone that signs up, is obliged to familiarize with these rules. Ignorance is not a reason for reducing the penalties in case violation, and will be severely punished.

3. Equal rights for every user

These rules apply to each forum user. The rules apply also to members of the administration.

4. Banned content (posts, signatures, avatars, etc.):

1. pornographic or referring to pornography in any way, obscene or adult content;
2. brutal, violent;
3. vulgar, slanderous to forum users, threats relating to real life;
4. inciting racial/religious/ethnic hatred, or other forms of discrimination;
5. showing bywords, symbols, or people associated with regimes based on dictatorship, terror or hatred (eg. fascism, Nazism);
6. breaking the law (eg. copyright, data protection), promoting breaking the law (such as software piracy);
7. containing explicit advertising (products, services) bringing profits to someone, in the form of advertisements and either commercial offers - exchange, sale, purchase, (in some cases non-profitable ads are also not allowed);
8. promoting alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants/narcotics;
9. other controversial, violating the principles of social coexistence, generally considered as morally reprehensible or socially inappropriate.

5. Responsibility

Forum support is not responsible for posted/linked content.

6. Content of messages and signatures

Do not use the forums for short-messaging. Posting pointless reply or topic like "lol", "haha" etc. is punishable. In case, you write a really short and weird post, build it up and make it clear. The same applies to commenting/evaluating someone's work. Take a moment to make your opinion argued. The administrators have more interesting jobs than removing pointless posts.

The signature should not be bigger than 600x200px, because (as above) administrators have more interesting jobs than removing too big signatures.

7. Posting on inactive topics (topic excavation)

The following rules apply to posting on inactive topics:

You can excavate:
* stunt videos from the last year period (eg. if someone would posted at TA1 or SS2 topic, and said that the stunt is very weak/old, it would be somewhat idiotic),
* old GTA movies/serials (reserving the above),
* fun/games topics,
* Hydepark/Offtopic at any time.

You can not excavate:
* inactive/finished movie projects,
* help topics where users are asking for help and the help has been already given to them.

You can not post at inactive topics, with the aim of commenting other user's opinion.

8. Kinds of punishment:

Verbal reprimand

There is only one verbal reprimand. In addition, the administrator/moderator has the right, no obligation to give such a warning.

Reprimand - can be achieved by:

* public insulting other users or using vulgar/obscene words,
* duplicating the same topic or subject, not editing the post ( Spam ),
* illegal off-topic (the only legal off-topic is at Hydepark/Offtopic forums),
* hacking etc.,
* massive violation of orthography,
* continuous violation of rules listed here,
* any activity not mentioned here, but considered inappropriate by moderator or administrator.

Ban - account ban can be achieved by:

* 6 reprimands,
* multi-accounting,
* any activity not mentioned here, but recognized by the moderator or administrator as inappropriate.

# In addition:

User has right to know the cause of a reprimand/ban.

Writing lock (amount of reprimands after which the user will not be able to post on the forums) - 3 reprimands

Ban (amount of reprimands after which the user will not be able to enter the forums) - 6 reprimands

Removal of one reprimand is equivalent of sending the forum account (account details - PM the user Drool) equivalent of 10PLN as a form of voluntary grant.

9. Vote of non-confidence

Every user can create topic with vote of non-confidence for a particular member of the Administration. The user must specify the argument why in his opinion the moderator/administrator should be fired from his position. He must also have the support of other members. The administration has two weeks to consider it. Topic should be created in the Hydepark category on the forums.

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